MS Windows

Press the "alt" key in addition to the Accesskey, then press enter/return.

Apple Macintosh

Press the "ctrl" key in addition to the Accesskey.

Accesskeys, supported by some browsers, allows users to quickly select links without using a mouse. The links also contain a logical tab order to navigate through the links – useful for users with limited hand mobility.

If you need to use these, you'll probably already know how they work. For example, users of Internet Explorer 6 and above should hold down "alt" ("ctrl" on the Mac) and the Accesskey (number ir letter), release, then press Enter. Firefox users, recommended, just hold down the "alt" ("ctrl" on the Mac) and press the required Accesskey.

You can see the designated accesskeys for the links, in brackets, by hovering over them and viewing the 'title' text.

This sites keys are:


(1) home
(2) profile
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(5) news
(6) contact
(7) links
(S) sitemap
(A) acccessibility

W3C and WAI

The HTML and CSS for this site has been W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) verified as XHTML Strict. The majority of pages conform to the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) up to the AA standards and some conform to the majority of the AAA standards.